Blackout Liquid Leggings

R420.00 Inc VAT



NB. These leggings can be used for pole dancing but are not made specially for pole dancing and therefore may be damaged with use. Although these leggings have reinforced stitching and will withstand most pole training, using them for pole dancing may still cause damages to fabric or stitching. Do not perform extreme movements like drops in these leggings. Should there be any flaws with the leggings within 30 days of your purchase please notify us immediately for a refund or a swap. Use at own risk. 

These faux leather pants look gorgeous any time of the year, but are ideal leggings for training in winter – especially if you train in pole fitness or dancing. The sticky, strong-grip fabric makes sure these high-grip leggings stay in place no matter how you move, with a flattering sleek look is perfect for work or play.


  • Leather-look second-skin fabric
  • Silky smooth material offers a streamlined second-skin fit
  • Elastic waistband stays in place for a silhouette-slimming look


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