INdelicate Lace Masks

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Indelicate Limited Edition Lace masks are made from 100% cotton with a lace top layer, and are fully adjustable to perfectly fit the shape of your face. All masks are limited in quantity and vary in lace and colour options.

When placing your order you can specify which mask you would like by typing the code provided in the corner of the picture in your “comments” section upon checkout.

Care of your masks

  • You may machine wash your mask ideally in a laundry bag, on a cold setting.
  • Every mask has a special filter port, so you can insert a filter for additional protection. You may buy filters on our website, or alternatively you can use a folded tissue, or an alcohol-free wet wipe that has been dried.

Please note

  • Like all face masks, aside from surgical masks, Indelicate Masks filter out around 50% of virus microns. Wearing a mask when you go out will prevent you from spreading germs and from touching your face. You can read up on more research on these websites:
  • Smartairfilters
  • NCBI

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