Kiddies Masks – Age 3-5

R75.00 R52.00 Inc VAT

10 or more R65.00
30 or more R57.50


Indelicate masks are made from 100% cotton, and are fully adjustable to perfectly fit the shape of your face. Each mask has a cool reversable design, and is washable so you can use it over and over again.

Care of your masks

  • We recommend washing your masks when they are delivered to you, and after each use, to ensure they are 100% clean.
  • Every mask has a special filter port, so you can insert a filter for additional protection. We recommend using a folded tissue, or an alcohol-free wet wipe that has been dried. Discard the filter after each use. FILTERS MUST BE ALCOHOL FREE.

Please note

  • Masks are available in colorful and neutral/plain designs – the designs are always changing, so please choose your preference from these two categories, and enjoy the surprise when your masks are delivered!
  • If you are ordering for a company and need a specific colour please contact us to check availability.
  • Our mask design is adapted to allow for more face coverage so that one does not need to adjust the mask or touch their face during wear.
  • Like all face masks, aside from surgical masks, Indelicate Masks filter out around 50% of virus microns. Wearing a mask when you go out will prevent you from spreading germs and from touching your face. You can read up on more research on these websites:
  • Smartairfilters
  • NCBI

If you 


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