Midnight Glimmer Leggings

Brand New! Only at Indelicate!

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

Normally wears: S
Currently wearing: S
Height: 167cm
Bust: 83cm
Underbust: 72cm
Waist: 68cm
Hips: 93cm
Shoe Size: UK 5

These leggings have a fabric flaw making them non sticky for pole use. While you may continue using them for pole dancing if you wish, please note they will not have good adhesion and are therefore heavily discounted. No returns on these leggings allowed.

  • Snug streamlined fit for maximum comfort and flexibility.
  • Thick waistband and V-shaped bum for a sleek, flattering look.
  • Breathable, quick-dry fabric.
  • Glimmer Leopard print detail.
  • Extra length to suit all shapes and sizes.

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