INdelicate Hand Sanitizer

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Indelicate Hand Sanitiser has an 80% alcohol content, and is ideal for everyday use. All sanitisers are manufactured according to WHO standards.

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60% to 95% alcohol content sanitisers are recommended by the WHO as the most effective in eliminating microorganisms from the hands, and cause less irritation than soap and water hand washing.

Product Description:

The product is a sanitising solution that has an 80% alcohol content. It comes in a liquid format, and can be used for hands, surfaces and other areas as a disinfectant. The product is manufactured according to WHO standards.

Technical Specifications:

INCI Nomenclature: Alcohol Denat, Glycol & Distilled Water CAS Number: 64-17-5 EINECS: 200-578-8 Hazardous Components.

Testing: Component:

Ethanol Common Name: Alchohol Denature CAS No: 64-17-5 Composition Range: 79-80% (LD50/LC50: LD50 = 7,060mg/kg(RAT)

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